Kia Sportage Remote Starter

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MATCH YOUR SPORTAGE: 2017-2022 with start/stop button

Auto Door Lock

Proximity lock/unlock: This function enables automatic locking and unlocking of the car based on proximity. When approaching the car, it will automatically unlock itself, and when leaving, it will lock itself. This feature is compatible with most car models.

Note: The exact behavior and compatibility may vary slightly depending on the specific make and model of the car.

Remote Engine Start

Remote start : Start your car remotely using your original key fob. Press the lock button twice with a 1-second interval. The car will start, run for 15 minutes, and remain locked. To shut it down, follow the same procedure. The range required to start your car remotely is the same as that needed to lock/unlock it

Turbo timer

Turbo timer: After driving, the turbo timer function keeps the car running for 1 minute after pressing the door button when leaving. This cooldown period helps extend the turbo's lifespan. The car shuts down automatically and remains locked.

Note: Turbo timer is compatible with turbo-equipped vehicles, promoting longevity. Availability may vary by car make and model.

Kia Sportage MyKey Premium Remote Engine Starter kit

Why Us ?


Remote Engine Start -

Auto Start your Kia Sportage using your Original Key Fob, without requiring extra remotes. 

100% Plug and Play -

No wire cutting or programming required, syncs with your original key fob.

Climate Control -

It remains ON during remote start for optimal comfort in your vehicle.

Avoid Dealership fees -

One payment, lifetime product.

DIY installation -

With provided instructional video, saving you dealership fees.

Soft start system -

Prioritizes safety and security, allowing the engine to run for 15 minutes with locked doors, and continuing to run even if the door is opened - vehicle will not move without the key fob.

Additional feature -

Automatic door lock when you leave the car, it can be activated or deactivated in seconds.

Safe system -

It was made by professionals, it will not harm your electric vehicle as it uses factory frequency only.


Start/Stop button Version installation


Key Ignition Version Installation



Delivery Time 1 to 5 Business Days



Free Shipping to USA & CANADA customers

Easy Returns

Easy Returns

15 day right of return from the receiving day

1 Year warranty

1 Year warranty

Free Replacement



* Nowhere else, but in some Canadian vehicles that have this metal bracket which blocking CanBus transmitter.

Some customers just simply cut the bracket, but we never ask our customer to do so, only if they feel comfortable doing it.

From us: We are guarantee our product is Organically Clean and never harms your electric system.



* Nowhere else, but in some Canadian vehicles that have this metal bracket which blocking CanBus transmitter.

Some customers just simply cut the bracket, but we never ask our customer to do so, only if they feel comfortable doing it.

From us: We are guarantee our product is Organically Clean and never harms your electric system.

User Manual / Guide

We provide PDF version and Support for all our customers

Download manual

Didn't find your car model? We are in process to make it or if you have any questions feel free to contact us.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Trevor Yates
Blown away!

Outstanding product & super easy to install. With as complicated as vehicles are nowadays I figured there'd be some disaster but everything works as intended. Bought for my wife's 2019 Kia Sportage for her birthday, just in time for winter!

Alexandru Constantin
Worth the price, plug and play, installed in 15 minutes, can't live without it!

I installed the MyKeyPremium module in under 15 minutes without removing anything just by going under my dashboard with a headlamp and 2 zip ties. The car's connectors are put in such way that after connecting the module the wires will point down towards the acceleration pedal, but I made room for them on the sides and pushed them upwards, then zip-tied the module to a metal part so it doesn't dangle. The result still amazes me to this day. I push the Lock button on my keyfob 2 times at 1-2 seconds interval, the car beeps once, the hazard lights light up like 3-4 times, then the engine starts. I was actually curious how this is achieved without pressing the brake pedal, but I guess that's just a safety feature when there's a human involved while starting the car. Also the car will lock and unlock itself by approaching or going away from the vehicle, it's a feature that my boss has in his 80k car. It's so easy to start the car now, without going outside in snow, rain, or just freezing cold. The only downside comes from Kia because they didn't make seat heating an option to stay on or be remembered after turning off the car and then turning it back on. And leg heating or other sides don't work at the same time with the windshield or rear windshield. But it's enough to get the car started for the road, defreeze the windshield, and make it warm. I couldn't live without it now. I would also like to see a manual and check what other options can be enabled from switching the small buttons on the module. Maybe automatic window closing from the keyfob and other options that are missing from the sportage? After being presented options from other companies like Viper which require to cut wires from your dashboard, I still can't believe something so easy as plug and play was available from this company. Thanks MyKeyPremium!

Kurt Trombley
Good product - terrible instructions

The product worked great once installed. The video to explain how to install the product did not show the most difficult parts of how to take the panel off the dash and how to secure the module inside the panel. This could be covered in a few additional seconds of the instructional video.


Walter Wadlington

Item was very easy to install, ordered it as a gift for my girlfriend and I stalled it while she was sleeping, when she woke I told her to hit lock on her car 2x, and she jumped with excitement when the car turned over, she was extremely happy with it.

Steve W
Great product

It's not often that you find a product that's works as the show in the video. Easy to install and works as described. My wife is very happy since I installed it on her SUV.

Terry Reid
I Love It!

Works fantastically, the support I received from Natalie was top notch. I am very happy with my purchase. Beware of installing on a Canadian vehicle as there are security guards installed over the plugs that require bending out of the way with vice grips or using a zip cutter to remove. Not an easy process. See Youtube for install on a KIA Stinger for hints. The Sportage is much more difficult due to the location of the ignition module. I ended up bending some pins upon plug removal. The middle plug would not go back in which required straightening the pins which is a bit of a chore. But, it worked out just fine and now all is well......

Charles Chapman
Does not work

Installed as per instructional video did not work. Contacted my premium they said was the wiring harness they sent a new harness installed as instructional video shows and still does not work. Now waiting to hear back from them.