Hyundai Sonata [2009~2014] Remote Auto Starter kit

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MATCH YOUR SONATA: 2009–2014 with start push button

Auto Door Lock

Proximity lock/unlock: This function enables automatic locking and unlocking of the car based on proximity. When approaching the car, it will automatically unlock itself, and when leaving, it will lock itself. This feature is compatible with most car models.

Note: The exact behavior and compatibility may vary slightly depending on the specific make and model of the car.

Remote Engine Start

Remote start : Start your car remotely using your original key fob. Press the lock button twice with a 1-second interval. The car will start, run for 15 minutes, and remain locked. To shut it down, follow the same procedure. The range required to start your car remotely is the same as that needed to lock/unlock it

Turbo timer

Turbo timer: After driving, the turbo timer function keeps the car running for 1 minute after pressing the door button when leaving. This cooldown period helps extend the turbo's lifespan. The car shuts down automatically and remains locked.

Note: Turbo timer is compatible with turbo-equipped vehicles, promoting longevity. Availability may vary by car make and model.

Kia Sportage MyKey Premium Remote Engine Starter kit

Why Us ?


Remote Engine Start -

Auto Start your Hyundai Sonata using your Original Key Fob, without requiring extra remotes. 

100% Plug and Play -

No wire cutting or programming required, syncs with your original key fob.

Climate Control -

It remains ON during remote start for optimal comfort in your vehicle

Avoid Dealership fees -

One payment, lifetime product.

DIY installation -

With provided instructional video, saving you dealership fees.

Soft start system -

Prioritizes safety and security, allowing the engine to run for 15 minutes with locked doors, and continuing to run even if the door is opened - vehicle will not move without the key fob.

Additional feature -

Automatic door lock when you leave the car, it can be activated or deactivated in seconds.

Safe system -

It was made by professionals, it will not harm your electric vehicle as it uses factory frequency only.


2009~2014 Sonata Installation



Delivery Time 1 to 5 Business Days



Free Shipping to USA & CANADA

Easy Returns

Easy Returns

15 day right of return from the receiving day

1 Year warranty

1 Year warranty

Free Replacement



* Nowhere else, but in some Canadian vehicles that have this metal bracket which blocking CanBus transmitter.

Some customers just simply cut the bracket, but we never ask our customer to do so, only if they feel comfortable doing it.

From us: We are guarantee our product is Organically Clean and never harms your electric system.



* Nowhere else, but in some Canadian vehicles that have this metal bracket which blocking CanBus transmitter.

Some customers just simply cut the bracket, but we never ask our customer to do so, only if they feel comfortable doing it.

From us: We are guarantee our product is Organically Clean and never harms your electric system.

User Manual / Guide

We provide PDF version and Support for all our customers

Download manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Julio Pena
A++++ plug and play love it

Great for the winter!!!

Surprised how great it worked

At first I didn’t think the product was real but eventually decided to try it and it works better than I thought, I really love the passcode feature with the button on the door. I will strongly recommend this for anyone with a Hyundai or kia

Thuong Pham

The my key premium is amazing! It is so convenient and has never failed me yet. This has exceeded my expectations thus far. I would 100% recommend this to anyone that is interested in getting a remote start for their vehicle.

Brandon Skovronski
2016 Hyundai Sonata Sport

Remote starter was very easy to install and works like a charm. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a quality remote starter without having to pay a professional to install it.

Matt S
Love It

Install took less than 5 minutes. Ticks away nicely. Been using for 3 months and works every time. Love the lock/unlock feature when you get close to the car.

Highly recommend

Matt N.
Fantastic Product

I bought the MyKey Premium system to replace my stock remote start that Hyundai ended support for. Installation was easy. The hardest part was installing the wire harness for the push button start. I had to remove some additional sections of the dash to get to it. Once I did that, the rest of the installation was a breeze. The car started on my first attempt using my existing key fob. Two clicks of the lock button and that was it. Fantastic product!

Skeptical at first but now I'm so glad I bought it

The cold months began to move in and I just couldn't bear the thought of another winter(4th) without a car starter. I have a push button start and I don't like multiple key fobs, so my only option up until now had been an unlimited range app starter, and with a push button start vehicle the install was an extra $100 and going to be about $600. So for S's and G's I looked to the internet for a "plug and play" solution for my 2012 Sonata, and BOOM! My Key Premium came up in my searches. At first just looking through their site I was skeptical because anyone can write their own reviews or pay friends, etc. So me being a car guy I jump to car forums, where people don't care about your feelings and are brutally honest, and much to my shock everything I read from multiple forums just had nothing but positive things to say. So having some car know how and a 14 day return policy knowing I had time to put it in, I ordered my starter in the late morning I believe, and it shipped that night and I believe I had it day with me living in Utica, NY.

So today I went and I installed my starter. The install was actually fairly easy because I know the car really well and the product matched OEM harnesses perfectly. I popped a few more panels than their video suggested for the push button because I had it previously torn apart for the stereo so I have less screws than the first time removing them, but from what I seen their way will work too, I'm just a bigger dude and can't really get up in their. While the install video wasn't the most detailed video, I've definitely seen worse and it was good enough where I wouldn't lower the rating for it. As far as the box and other cables, that lower panel comes down just like in the video, I followed the order he did with plugging them in. My first time doing it I did not get the 4 confirmation beeps at the end but I unplugged them in reverse order, replugged them back in and on the second try everything worked perfectly. I tucked the box up to the left of the cabin filter, then drilled a small hole in the plastic behind the glove box and zip tied it tight so it holds snug with no vibration.

I'm so happy I pulled the trigger on this, it's very affordable if you don't feel like paying a shop and have some know how or hate the remotes. The quality of the product is good and the install took me about 45 minutes, but like I said I did a little extra and it's about 30 degrees outside lol. If you're searching for an affordable starter you can do yourself, BUY IT!!!