Hyundai i30 / ELANTRA GT Remote Starter

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Match your ELANTRA: 2018-2020 i30 / GT with start /stop button

Auto Door Lock

Proximity lock/unlock: This function enables automatic locking and unlocking of the car based on proximity. When approaching the car, it will automatically unlock itself, and when leaving, it will lock itself. This feature is compatible with most car models.

Note: The exact behavior and compatibility may vary slightly depending on the specific make and model of the car.

Remote Engine Start

Remote start : Start your car remotely using your original key fob. Press the lock button twice with a 1-second interval. The car will start, run for 15 minutes, and remain locked. To shut it down, follow the same procedure. The range required to start your car remotely is the same as that needed to lock/unlock it

Turbo timer

Turbo timer: After driving, the turbo timer function keeps the car running for 1 minute after pressing the door button when leaving. This cooldown period helps extend the turbo's lifespan. The car shuts down automatically and remains locked.

Note: Turbo timer is compatible with turbo-equipped vehicles, promoting longevity. Availability may vary by car make and model.

Kia Sportage MyKey Premium Remote Engine Starter kit

Why Us ?


Remote Engine Start -

Auto Start your Elantra Gt / i30 using your Original Key Fob, without requiring extra remotes. 

100% Plug and Play -

No wire cutting or programming required, syncs with your original key fob.

Climate Control -

It remains ON during remote start for optimal comfort in your vehicle.

Avoid Dealership fees -

One payment, lifetime product.

DIY installation -

With provided instructional video, saving you dealership fees.

Soft start system -

Prioritizes safety and security, allowing the engine to run for 15 minutes with locked doors, and continuing to run even if the door is opened - vehicle will not move without the key fob.

Additional feature -

Automatic door lock when you leave the car, it can be activated or deactivated in seconds.

Safe system -

It was made by professionals, it will not harm your electric vehicle as it uses factory frequency only.


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Easy Returns

Easy Returns

15 day right of return from the receiving day

1 Year warranty

1 Year warranty

Free Replacement

User Manual / Guide

We provide PDF version and Support for all our customers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jason Cap
Works great !! Easy install.

I love this module. Works as described and was super easy to install. I watched the video first, then went outside to install. Took a total of 8-1/2 minutes to finish the job. No kidding. Only needed a Phillips screwdriver, and that was optional. The only issue that I have with this module is the fact that my car auto locks about 30 seconds after all the doors are closed. I do not like this feature. Also, the lock/unlock button on my door handles does not always work now, but the key fob always does.

Daniel Zens
Did not work

Unit gave me nothing but problems. Was taken off and sent back. Waiting to get my refund.

amy rosenberg

easy install and works

Tim Caruana

Work really well, easy to setup