Genesis G70 Remote Starter
genesis coup remote starter kit
Genesis Coupe Remote Starter - MyKeyPremium
Genesis G70 Remote Starter
genesis coup remote starter kit
Genesis Coupe Remote Starter - MyKeyPremium

Genesis G70 Remote starter

MyKey Premium Remote Starter
Genesis G70
Genesis G70 Remote starter +
  • - Simple Genesis G70 Remote Starter by Factory Key Fob (2x lock)
  • - Organically clean system (Made by Korean Engineers)

Genesis Key Fob Remote Start

Genesis G70 Remote Starter Installation


  • If you did not find your model: we are in process to make it / instead we provide PDF version and Support for all our customers

Our module operates through factory frequency and never harms to your electric system. By using genuine settings our module reads all signals related to your KeyFob and CanBus system.

*works only with vehicles equipped with start/stop push button system.

Technical reason: Module reads frequencies directly from button settings.


* Nowhere else, but in some Canadian vehicles that have this metal bracket which blocking CanBus transmitter.

Some customers just simply cut the bracket, but we never ask our customer to do so, only if they feel comfortable doing it.

From us: We are guarantee our product is Organically Clean and never harms your electric system.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Ron Carrick
Best Addition Possible if you do not have Factory Remote Start

Incredibly easy to install, no cut wires, truly plug and play. I had it installed and working in less than 15 minutes and most of that time was stuffing the wires back! Once you plug in a few beeps and it’s like it was always there! My favorite feature is the proximity lock/unlock. I have the Genesis App, but use MyKeyPremium more. I highly recommend to the Genesis G70 owners who regret not gettin remote start option. Works great and installation videos are great. Ability to use original Key Fobs is a big plus too.

charles stavola
2020 Genesis G70 Remote Start

I thank you for My Key Premium remote starter. It was a bad mistake for Genesis not to include this feature with the key fob. Installation was very easy to do. I highly recommend your product. Included is a video of my Genesis G70 being remote started by the factory key fob.

Jason Y
Works great!

I purchased this module as there were some features I had hoped my 2020 G70 would have come with from the factory.

The module was mostly easy to set up - the harness was an easy plug-n-play, but as others have noted the module box itself took a while to figure out how to fit underneath the glovebox. The key is to tuck the extra wiring behind the carpeting closest to the fender lining.

In terms of usage, I noticed a few hiccups with the unit initially (remote starter failed to work, radio stayed on when using the turbo timer function). However, after continued usage I would say the module has worked 95% of the time flawlessly which is good enough for me to give it 5 stars.

In addition, customer service has been excellent - I reached out on numerous occasions regarding my initial hiccups, and I received a response from their support team quickly to provide a resolution.

Overall, very satisfied with this item - highly recommended!

Christopher Colonna
Simple to install and use!

I’ve had the product for over a week now and it works great! In addition to the remote start, I really enjoy the Auto Lock/Unlock feature and ability to simply lock the doors with the engine running & key out of vehicle (great for making a quick pit stop!). The install video is easy to follow and it takes less than 10 min to connect to your car, simply plug and play. Honestly, the only challenging part (which is a stretch to even call it a “challenge”) is getting the module and cable to tuck back up under the glove box. But, I found as someone else mentioned, there is a small space behind an intake vent to fit the module and the cables can be tucked up by the plugs. Overall, I’m very satisfied and would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to avoid paying Genesis $300/yr for a similar service!

Boss Hogg
Easy install!

Super easy install! It took a little bit of trial and error to stuff the box, cables, and connectors so the panel would go back on without force. I stuffed the control box back up under the center console/dash area and the connectors to the right (there’s a small empty space behind the outboard kick panel). Once I got those out of the way and the cables routed the cover went on easy. Range is awesome too, I tested it at 150 feet and it worked perfectly.

Matt on IG: @G70_Matt
Great Product.

Been using for 1 full month now. No problems so far. Matt on IG: @G70_Matt

Peter Y. Kim
Awesome product. 10 minute install even for a novice

Works as published. Seat does not stay in the back postion as the car thinks the passenger is in the car but no biggie.