Can the remote starter be used on a manual transmission car?

  • Currently, the remote starter is not compatible with manual transmission cars. However, we are working on a program to make it available in the future.

Is the remote starter compatible with cars that have a traditional engine key?

  • Our remote starter models were primarily designed for cars equipped with a push-to-start button. However, we have developed specific models that are compatible with traditional engine keys as well.

What is the function of the dip-switches on the Mykey Premium module?

  • The dip-switches are responsible for activating specific parts of the program on the universal module. Each car model has its own program, so there is no need to program anything once the module is connected.

Can I control the remote starter through a phone app?

  • At the moment, the phone app is still in development. However, you can use the key fob to start your car. We will notify our customers via email once the app is available for purchase.

Why does the screen not turn on when I use the remote to start my car?

  • This is normal behavior. The car is in sleeping mode when the remote starter is activated, hence the screen is off. The car will activate once you press the brake pedal, and then it's ready to drive.

Will the AC/heater turn on when I remote start my car?

  • Yes, as long as the AC/heater was on before shutting off the car, it will turn on when you remote start the car.

How long will the car stay running after remote start?

  • The car will stay running for 15 minutes, and then it will shut off if you don't get into the car in time.

Will the car stay running when I open the doors after remote start?

  • Yes, the car will continue running even if you open the doors after remote start.

Can I disable the auto door lock/unlock function on my car?

  • Yes, you can activate or deactivate the auto lock/unlock function by following these steps: get into the car, lock the doors, press and hold the brake pedal, and then press the lock button twice on the key fob with a small interval. You will hear 1 or 2 beeps. 1 beep indicates OFF, and 2 beeps indicate ON. The procedure is the same for both options.

Do you make remote starters for any other car brands besides Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis?

  • No, we only focus on the Korean market and currently offer remote starters exclusively for Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis car models.

Once the car is started by remote control, the hazard warning lights come on every 2 seconds. Can this be switched off?

  • The hazard warning lights are designed to come on every 2 seconds to indicate that the car is on remote start and that the system is working properly. However, for all models except Genesis G70 and Kia Stinger the hazard lights can be switched off by putting down the 3rd black switch on the MyKey Premium module. 

When I remote start the car, the tire pressure light is on, is this normal?

  • It is completely normal for the tire pressure light to be on when you remote start the car. During remote start, the car is in a sleeping mode, and certain systems, including the tire pressure monitoring system, may not be active. Once you enter the car and press the brake pedal, the car will activate itself, and the tire pressure monitoring system will be turned off.