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easy install and works

Ease of installation

How can I start this but by saying how easy it was to install the kit. Had a bent wire but that was my fault for going too fast. But after that boom that was it. Just gotta make sure everything was working and that's there is too it. I'm very impressed at how simple and the quality of it. Best of all i get to use my own fob without having to have a second on my keychain.

2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited 2.4

This unit arrived quickly, and installed SUPER fast. I don't even think it took 10 full minutes to install. Included wiring harnesses worked great. I am only giving 4 stars for 2 reasons. 1: At some point after install it started working intermittently. I had to unplug it and plug it back in. That solved it and it's been working fine ever since. Easy- since it is in a very accessible location under the blower motor panel. The other thing I've noticed is that you can't push the lock button twice in a row too quickly or too slowly or it will not respond- once you get the timing right it is great. Since Hyundai took away cell service app based controls of this car- this is the next best thing. It works well and I don't think you could find anything out there that installs with less effort and no programming. You plug it in and it just works!!

Perfect Gift

We purchased this remote car starter for our 84 year old mother. We were able to install it ourselves in less then 20 minutes and it works great! So glad we pulled the trigger and purchased it.

2019 XL Limited

Couple minutes to install. Works as advertised.

Remote start for my stinger

I am overly please with how easy this was for me to install. I have never done it before and I can tell you I followed the video and it was perfect. I am very pleased and would recommend to everyone.

Just what I wanted !!

This is such an affordable and reliable solution. My other favorite feature is the automatic door lock/unlock that works as you approach and walk away from your car. It works even if you don't remote start your car too.

Hyundai Tucson Remote Starter

Work really well, easy to setup


Installed with ease, works great and with good distance. All with the original key! Hard to beat

Works good!!! Installation on a bit trickier than stated on video

2012 Sonata limited installation on a Canadian model is not just plug and play. I had to cut out a piece of steel that is welded on to a bracket that blocks access to removing the plug from the back of the push button start... Other than that the install was quite simple and works as planned

Works fine. Good customer service. BUT

Works fine. Great customer service. But, I want to be able to control completely. I want to know functions of each dip switch to control beeps, flashes, horns, and all functions. They are hesitant to release the info. I’m not into hearing any of that “technician troubleshooting” crap nonsense either. Only was able to squeeze one switch function out of them. To stop (some) light flashing. At 4:30am, all the beeps, honks, and lights freak out mine and my neighbors dogs

It’s amazing and help out so much because I like to drive my car in the winter and it’s nice to warm it up and have the heat on and get in to it being warm and just go

2016 Santa Fe Limited with Ultimate

Fantastic. Simple quick installation and works great.

Easiest install ever

I’ve used a few plug and play starters over the years and nothing comes close to the ease of install and results. Very impressed.


Work perfect

Easy peasy

Definitely a must have for your Kia Stinger if you don't have a remote starter. Easy to install, took less than (10) minutes of my time. I was able to hide the module and cords by following the instruction videos. So far so good with getting my car to start.

Kia Stinger Remote Starter
Good remote but.....

The module and harness were super easy to install but my stinger has a hard time cranking over with remote starter in cold temperatures (21°f ) if I don't run it everday.I also would have liked to have the option to turn steering wheel heater and heated seats on with the remote start would have been a huge plus to this system for cold climate weather.

2011 Sportage

First, I never do reviews. But given the circumstances decided it was worth it. Saw it online, thought it was sketchy having never heard of this particular brand. There wasn't a lot of in depth info. about it as far as tech. resources ect, ect... especially for my specific year and model. Being an auto tech. and previous starter installer, I definitely wanted plug and play to avoid hacking my harness. Willing to take a gamble, I went for it and was surprised with getting it in a few days, and literal plug and play installation as well as great follow-up with support and customer service. I have never seen it that easy, ever. Especially these days. No BS. They are on top of things. Little vague on the instructions and manual, but works perfect so far. For what it is, I love it. Would recommend more detailed instructions, but otherwise, it was adequate for me personally, given the results. This definitely was the white elephant of car starters, but in a positive way.

Great Product!

Great product, easy install, worth the money.

Kia Optima Remote Starter
Jesus M. Herrera
2016 Kia Optima

The products looks good quality and instructions easy to understand. It took me one hour to install it. The Part that take the time it’s to remove and put back the screws that hold the bracket for the module. Other than that it’s very easy to do the installation. Been a month already and it works great. Love the doors auto lock/unlock feature. The whole transmission from order it to receive it was easy and straightforward. Thanks..

Easy install quick tech support

After initially having a issue with the function settings tech support was quick to reply and fix my issues. Installation with super easy in comparison to previous remote starters I have installed in past vehicles. I would give the device a 5 star for that. My 2 reasons for a 4 star overall is because even after running what I believe was the antenna all the way up the door pillar, the allowable distance for remote starting is limited. I don't know for sure but perhaps it is due to the factory fob just not made to push a strong signal over a longer distance. Second issue is the time given to press the remote. If you press it twice to fast together it will not function, as well you wait to long between presses it also will not function. Overall device works good when you get hang of its little quirks.

Best Investment

Now that its getting cold this remote start kit was a must. Unbelievably easy install appx. 5 minutes with no tools. Not as quick to start as a factory remote start but the difference is negligible. Works like a charm and the auto lock feature is great.

Kia Stinger Remote Starter
Michael Rodriguez
Best remote start out there.

My key premium was an easy install on my 2018 Kia Stinger GT2. Works like a charm.

Just Like Factory

I’m so glad that I was able to purchase this product. For my 21 GT Stinger. It’s definitely going to come in handy for this winter weather. Also unlock your door and lock without touching the key fob