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Quick and easy

Very easy to install. Plug and play as it describes. Had it working in less than 10 minutes. It would be nice to have written instructions rather than relying on a YouTube video. But it was easy enough to install even without the instructions. Very happy!

I was cautiously optimistic

I was cautiously optimistic with watching how easy it was to install this on my wife's Tuscon. I have installed a few remote starters that were fairly easy to do like on my personal Ram 2500, but this system by My Key Premium takes the cake by far. It literally took me about 5 minutes to install the starter and the majority of time was trying to figure out where to zip tie and place the main control. I rarely do reviews on products, but this was everything they advertised to be, so I thought it was fitting to leave a review. Kudos to you for a product that didn't leave anything up to surprise and was so easy I'm sure my wife could have done it herself. Installation instructions were not included with the starter but were easy found on the website. If possible, I will try to update at a later time to show how I installed mine to help future customers.

Great product

Product works great! Great customer support

Too easy

I’m kind of handy, but usually run into problems with projects.
However, this auto start kit installed as easy as the video. I’m so happy to NOT pay for the expensive Hyundai app!
Another bonus, it will pay for itself in 2 years.

Works great. True plug and play unlike some others which require programming.

This option should have been a factory-added feature for the Limited series Sonata

This option should have been a factory-added feature for the Limited-series Sonatas since it is so seamlessly compatible with the vehicle's electronics. The expanded options provided by this interface module just plain make sense; like as if it was envisioned and conceptualized by a true Sonata owner.
The digital door lock feature has saved me many trips back to the house to retrieve the factory FOB. And the wife loves the remote warm-up feature. Only thing missing is the ability to turn on the heated/ventilated seats when remote starting the vehicle (If BlueLink can send a signal to turn them on, then the ability to manipulate the request via CAN-bus should also be available to this module.
The installation was quick and easy to complete. However, I do suggest that the positions of the DIP switches on the module should somehow be either marked by small dots on the switch body, or a DIP switch position reference on the side label, or at the least, a note in the instructions to copy down the positions of the DIP switches for future reference (I skewed the switches while attempting to mount the module up under the dash).

2018 Sonata SEL

Super easy installation and use. Plug and play.

sorento XM

How can i installation on Kia sorento XM 2014

Canadian Elantra - Metal Guard

Cut along the zigzag line with a fine blade jigsaw.

Canadian Elantra - Tip for Metal Gaurd Plate

Canadian Elantras have a metal gaurd plate covering the Smartkey Module connectors. This is to protect unauthrised persons accessing that module .You can cut the metal guard carefully from the glove box side with a small air jigsaw or electric jigsaw and bend it toward the firewall. Then after making the connections bend it back closer to the original possition. Be very careful not damage the wires with the saw blade.

Santa Fe remote

This is a great product wish I had found a couple years ago the install was as described 10 minutes so easy the hardest part is getting your self in position to do the plugs but I got it done and I’m 65 and needed glasses
Still 10 minutes supper easy

Functions as advertised

The wonderful thing is there is a great support team behind this product. I had an issue with the first module. The team communicated through email constantly, I mean within a few hours they would reply back with help. They were in touch until the remote starter for my 2017 Canadian Elantra worked.
Happy enjoying staring my car remotely in the Cold Canadian Winter.

Hyundai Sonata Remote Starter
Michael Spiridigliozzi
Awesome product

Ordered this after reading reviews and the product is legit. Took all of 5 minutes to install on my 15 Sonata 2.0t. Shipping only took two days. Would definitely recommend. Bye bye blue link

Good product

Is exactly as advertised in every aspect

2011 Genesis Coupe

My purchase didn't come with installation instructions and the videos on the site were for other makes and models so it took some time to find one that was similar to my model. Luckily I ran into someone on a forum that had a video of their install which help a ton. Other than that the products works great and I definitely recommend this for anyone that is considering this product.

Kia Stinger Remote Starter
Christopher Twomey
Easiest Mod Ever

Just plug it in and it works perfectly!

Easy to install

very easy to just plug and play.


This product was so easy to install, it is a must have for your Hyundai Tucson or any supported vehicle.
To start your car while it’s covered with snow will make any neighbor jealous.
Great product.

Perfect for the winter

I love how simple it was and works great! Would recommend to everyone.

Wonderful costumer service

The 1st equipment wasn’t working properly, so I contacted the costumer service and they replaced it in 5 days. Shipping from USA to Canada. Thank you


Half of it was super easy to put in and the video made the push button start look a lot easier than it was. Overall the remote start works great! Very happy

Kia Optima Remote Starter
Stephen Scheiderer
It’s okay but needs work.

The installation isn’t all that easy on newer models of cars. Also the range is not very good either. I have to be a lot closer than I want to be for my car to start. So if you are close ish to your car it should Work just fine.

Kona remote start

Have not installed it yet but it seems very simple. Very impressed with this product.

easy install

Install took 10 minutes. The company does need to include installation procedures with the component. No mention of where to install module under the dash on video. He just laid it in the floorboard. I ran wiring behind the pedals and around the outside of the fuse block behind the dash trim. just haven't figured out how to secure it yet. Works as advertised. A little pricier than others but install was easy. Just need completed instructions included with component.. I think they're afraid someone will post them on the net?

Hyundai Santa Fe Remote Starter