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Better than expected

I had my bluelink subscription expired for two years and with mykeypremium theres no hassles or monthly fees. Very easy set up that can be done in less than 5 minutes. Love the plug and play. No tools needed.

It works as advertised

It takes just a few minutes to install. It works with the original remote key. So far so good, I used it every day and I like it.

Easy to install

gave as gift to husband. He had it installed and done before I even knew he was playing with it. He's super happy!


Installation was not as easy as the video showed, unclipping the cables was a pain and getting the module tucked above the plastic cover was a pain, that being said it worked as advertised.

Works great !! Easy install.

I love this module. Works as described and was super easy to install. I watched the video first, then went outside to install. Took a total of 8-1/2 minutes to finish the job. No kidding. Only needed a Phillips screwdriver, and that was optional. The only issue that I have with this module is the fact that my car auto locks about 30 seconds after all the doors are closed. I do not like this feature. Also, the lock/unlock button on my door handles does not always work now, but the key fob always does.

Genesis G80 Remote Starter
Andrew - New York
Great solution vs OEM subscriptions - incorrect cables delayed installation.

Great product, works as advertised! For my G80, despite providing the year and model, the installation kit had the wrong cable and I had to pull the dash apart multiple times and wait for the replacement part. On the bright side, they responded and shipped me the correct cable promptly. While the videos were a nice reference, I would also have liked written installation instructions with pictures.

Great product

The remote start is great and the car locks itself after you turn it off and walk away. Simple and easy to install.


It's working fine so far. If there is one unfortunate thing, it is a one-way and distance problem. I don't know how far away i can start the vehicle, and sometimes the engine won't start inside the building.

Yup it works

A bit of elbow grease to get it installed, but once installed everything else is a breeze. Works just like the video says.

Remote start

I purchased the remote start for a 20 Tucson. It was a very easy install and works perfect.

Awesome product!

After a while of searching for a great and affordable remote starter for my Hyundai Elantra, I found the My Key Premium as the best, and easiest to install.

I am satisfied with the fact that they put the FULL price right there when you view the product and it does not add on any tax or shipping fees when checking other sites do.

To install it, took me about 15 min from unclipping the tray until I actually used it! it is Really Plug and Play!

I would recommend buying this product, you will end up much cheaper and more pleasant than going to the "Professionals"...

(I actually asked one "official Company" what the prices are to install a remote starter for my car and they told me "it's starting from $500...")

Great product

East to install. Works as stated

Great product

Easy to install and it works well

Hyundai Tucson Remote Starter
Charles Charlebois
Perfect device. Better option than blue link.

I installed this in cold and snowy weather in 10 minutes. Half of that time was spent looking for a flashlight. The features beyond the auto start, like the automatic, locking and unlocking with the proximity feature, surprised me. This really is an outstanding device, and I recommend it is highly as I can recommend anything. I’ll be getting one for my wife’s Kia forte next.

Great product

Install was not difficult. Nice to have the convenience and use the oem key fob.

Stop reading reviews and order it already

The installation process was very quick and was able to do it and only a few minutes with removing parts and putting back together. Everything was pushed tabs and not one single screw. Everything included was plug and play and is working phenomenally. Definitely order it and you will not be disappointed.

Easy to install, easier to use....

It’s great

Works good, really helpful when you need to warm up your car in the winter season.

I’m very happy with your product everything you said it could be in more. Thank you.

Best Addition Possible if you do not have Factory Remote Start

Incredibly easy to install, no cut wires, truly plug and play. I had it installed and working in less than 15 minutes and most of that time was stuffing the wires back! Once you plug in a few beeps and it’s like it was always there! My favorite feature is the proximity lock/unlock. I have the Genesis App, but use MyKeyPremium more. I highly recommend to the Genesis G70 owners who regret not gettin remote start option. Works great and installation videos are great. Ability to use original Key Fobs is a big plus too.

Excellent- Works great just needed to find how to disassemble the dash.

The install of the My Key Premium was easy once the dash was dissembled. In the Veloster you need to remove the center console from the dash to access the key module. Once you can access the module it is just unplug the two left plugs and use the supplied harness to reassemble.

It's as easy as they say it is

The hardest part was getting the head unit out, I ended up leaving a few scratches on the dash. Just unplug the old wiring harness and plug in the new one, then the new control box and the old wires go back into that. Done!

Well worth it 5 star

Very good product...Glad I perchanced it...Couldn't be more happier...Now have remote start...Thank u..

Fast, Easy and it really works

I purchased my key premium for our 2018 Hyundai Sonata since it didn’t have remote start after watching the install video. It arrived in like 3 days and I installed right away. The install went just like the video. The only issue I had at first was figuring out how fast to push the lock button twice in order for the remote start to actually work. Once I got that figured out it everything worked great. I would highly recommend this starter for anyone that don’t have one as it is simple to install and works with your factory fob.

2014 Hyundai Sonata

Works great, video for installing wire to push button start not very clear and was difficult, unless you have a tiny hand. I removed one screw that holds the floor heater vent pipe and then had better access to remove and install push wire. Other than that everything else was easy and works amazing!