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Works great!

Love it! I’m so glad I opted out of getting the remote start installed at the dealer for $500. This works great and my favorite part about it is the turbo timer feature!

Super Easy To Install. Plug and play!

3 words: I. Love. It.
MyHyundai BlueLink tried to send me to the dealership to activate BlueLink in my 2015 Sonata when it could have been something they fixed on customer service end…activate my account. All I wanted to remote start. I canceled my subscription and bought MyKey Premium and did the 4-payment plan. Shipped and received super fast. Installed on my lunch break. It was ridiculously easy. The hardest part was literally unplugging the factory harness. Other than that, everything plugged in like it was made for it. Tested the remote start, it worked. Had it all put together and working in 15 minutes. On top of that, the T-harness and box are so discrete, I was able to tuck the whole thing in the trim piece right below the CANBUS module. No rattling nor wires sticking out. “Organically clean system” is an understatement. If there wasn’t a MyKey Premium logo on the module, I would have thought it was Hyundai OEM. Perfect design. I will definitely be recommending this to my customers once my shop is built!

remote starter

love it works perfect so far A+

2013 Elantra Limited Install

The hardest part is accessing the two plugs that need to be removed. These are located behind glovebox on right side, after much effort determined it was best to just revove the glovebox and and trim above it. There are three plugs but only the top two need to be revoved and plugged into supplied harness. Once this is complete you can test system and then tuck harness and module away as there is a decent amount of room in 2013 Elantra. I will say it was nice to install somethuing this complex without cutting a single wire. System works great so far as it was just installed yesterday with only one issue which I am waiting on a reply for as I wrote to MyKey that the doors auto lock but do not auto Un-lock. Everything else works just fine as advertised. I would really like to know how I can activate rear window defroster but, there are no other instructions on how to use AUX or what the long single wire on the harness is for.

Awesome! Easy to install 👌

I received the item yesterday and I installed less than 30 mins. It's great that you can start your vehicle remotely but its nice if there's an app that you can also adjust the climate especially here in Colorado during winter time. Worth the money! Love it! Thanks MyKeyPremium

Works great, no Bluelink!

Was pretty easy to install by following the YouTube video. Works like a charm!

Works great. Easy install!!

Was about a 10 minute install on a 2019 Genesis G70. Super easy and worth the $. The OEM app is crap, and this solves my lack of remote start issue.

Great Product - Not as East to Install as the Videos Show

The product works great and was relatively easy to install. There was a little more work to connect the wiring harness to the push button start, It might be easier for someone with smaller hands, but I'd recommend at least taking the panel off, if not the structural surrounding it.

Just as easy

It is just as easy as that. Put in and working in little under one hour and that included re programming the locks. great product

Kia Stinger Remote Starter

Great option instead of BlueLink Subscription

My BlueLink subscription ended after 3 years and to renew the auto start feature for $96/yr requires you to get the Connect Care also for another $96/yr. $200/yr for auto start is crazy so I bought the MyKey for about $300 and I installed myself in about 20 minutes after watching the YouTube installation video. All you do is find the connectors and plug them in and your good to go! Thank you MyKey for this great option at a reasonable cost!

it works great :-)

It works exactly as described in my 2016 Hyundai i40 - greetings from Germany

Great Solution to a Flaw in the Hyundai System

Although it's really tricky pulling the factory wire harnesses out of their sockets, once you get them out, connecting this system couldn't be easier. It does everything described, and is a great add-on to what should have already been built-in to the Hyundai system.

Easy and awesome

This thing is cooler than I thought, and really only took like 5 minutes to get it running. Basically takes your normal fob and upgrades it. Remote start on this is easy, much faster and cheaper than waiting months (here anyways) to get it done in a shop. Other features are cool like it can auto lock the doors. My wife always forgets to lock the car, now that problem is solved as a fun bonus. This thing is so cool

Stinger GT Remote start

This was so easy to install and worked just as advertised!! This was a great purchase!!!

Worth it!

As advertised! 10 minute install, and works great!

Cannot recommend enough! Great product, worth the extra cost over a set that doesn't integrate into the OEM fob, or comes with a pile of wires.

Awesome- 2020 Optima

Received very quick! Next day for free! I have a 2020 Optima which is a bit different than the Optima in the instruction video. Took a bit longer to get everything apart. As well the BCM is next to the SKM now. So remove that then the Smart key module. Then connect and throw the glove box back together. After that tried all functions. I love it! starts perfect. Love the auto unlock/lock. As well love that I can jump out lock it while its on and run into a store and come back, unlock and carry on. Finally I love it using the factory remote, that was the cherry on top. I hated the idea of having a second little remote. Definitely recommend buying if on the fence!

Cn7 mykey !

Works as advertised! Only problem is cn7 slightly more complex to install


Shipping was fast. Install was a bit of a pickle. Getting the cover undone was a struggle BUT the install was fairly easy if you follow the video on this page. Install was 10min or less. There is a bit of a lag when starting and my Tire Pressure light came on but goes away after I press the brake. I read in another review that they are experiencing that too. If anyone can solve that, share you info! Lol

GT-2 Stinger ‘21

Install was straight forward and instructions on how it functions was too. Gets hard to close the panel when it’s installed. Best stinger mod

It does what it says

Install time was super quick. 5 minutes like they say in the video that led me to this was probably generous, it took me that long to get one plug loose. The other two were super quick though. Installation was equally as easy. I'd say 20 min total. Walking to/from the car activates the lock as expected, and remote start works from around a quarter mile away. No complaints.

Great purchase!!!

I am thoroughly impressed with my Kia Stinger remote starter, and amazed at how easy it was to install. I was back up and running in about 30 minutes!!! Delivery was flawless as well. Overall this experience was grade A+!!!

Product good, customer service lacking

Submitted request for further operating features and installation instructions over a week ago and have yet to receive a response.

Message : 1. Is the run time programmable or can it be extended?
2. Is an operator/settings manual available?
3. Is the extra long wire attached/out of main harness an antenna wire that needs to be run up to windshield area to extend the signal range or needed for anything else or can it be cut off close to main harness?

Kia Stinger Remote Starter

Sons birthday

Bought for my sons birthday gift and he installed quickly and is very pleased