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Kia Sportage Remote Starter

Great Product!!

Fast shipping, easy installation, and highly recommend. Works like it should, looking forward to using it to cool inside my car on hot days and warm it up in the winter. Thanks for having this available for my 13 Kia Optima SX. Love it!!

Extremely easy to install

First of all I would like to say that this was extremely easy to install just plug and play I saw some other remote start options but they required alot more work would definitely recommend this 5/5 stars

It is the best car starter there is

I can’t praise it enough. Works as advertised and anyone can install it in 15 minutes with no prior experience of working on cars. Simple unplug and plug in and you are done. No modifications needed to your Stinger. Only regret I have is I didn’t find this product sooner.

Just what I needed.

Works flawless. I have the GT1 Indigo edition. Perfect piece to the puzzle. Love the remote lock and unlock capabilities.

No Regrets!

Installation was not difficult. When removing the colored modules remember to squeeze the tab in the back. The control box will fit behind the carpet.

This product is amazing

Were to start, first of all the plug and play system makes it amazing. It is so simple to install it is unbelievable. I like the locking and unlocking feature and the fact it uses the factory key and no programming was needed. It’s has come in handy in these warm summer days. Totally recommend it.

Wife loved it

It only took about 10 minutes total from the time I opened the box. It was extremely easy and worked! I would recommend to any and everybody. I originally ordered the remote start to be installed from dealer when I purchased the car, but they later told me it was not in stock. Now I'm glad it wasn't in stock so we're don't have to have another remote for the remote start.

no regrets!

This product doesn’t disappoint at all. Easy to install and it works as advertised. Little only knock I have is no app for phone option but that’s that’s fine being how good this product works so far!

Magic! (No. Not really)

But other folks might think that when you get out and walk off and it LOCKS ITSELF. Really cool if you ask me.
The only issue is the install. If you're small in statue it'll be easy but I'm a big dude so I had to twist up to get in there. Worth it? Yes sir!
Very happy with this purchase!

i have a problem when i have to install it it has support and i dont know how to remove it

Easy plug and play install

Took no more than 10mins to install On 2019 Stinger GT. Hardest part tucking the wiring back up far enough to put the cover back on. but works perfect!

Kia Optima Remote Starter
Shaneisha Bryant
Well worth the money!!

I am in love with this device. It works so perfectly and came extremely fast! Installed in less than 30 minutes and has been well worth the money. I almost wishi had more Kia Hyundai products so I could install more of them! I live in Louisiana and currently don't have a garage, so I couldn't be more happier.

Kia Stinger Remote Starter
Jeffrey Plunkett
Kia Stinger

Love it


So far I love it, the plug and play was simple and a lot easier than the previous can bus module I purchased from another vendor. I haven't tried the other features yet, but the remote start is good enough for me at the moment.

Almost perfect

The technology work wonderfully, easy to install, but there just no place to really hide the extra wires and box.

Great product

Easy to install and work perfectly. Very satisfied!

Excelent product

I've been waiting almost a month to write this review in order to give a fair review. This product is great and is working as it should be, it's pretty easy to setup. No issues at all.

Great product

Easy to install and no extra ugly fobs on the keys

16 optima SXL Worked as advertised

This was my first time ever installing a remote start. Followed a few videos, took off the glove box all went smoothly. I then took off the antenna module thinking thats where the T harness was suppose to be connected-WRONG. I quickly reached out to mykeypremium via messenger, they advised i had installed in wrong module.. Went back and found 2nd module screwed to the side wall and diconnected the excisting plugs (no need to remove module from car) Removing took a lil patience but at the end once unplugged and plugged in the harnes provided, all went in like a glove..Very happy w/remote start, works as advertised..

MyKeyPremium Remote Start

Absolutely LOVE this remote starter for my 2019 Kia Stinger GT2!! Highly recommend!

Works great!

Nice added features, love the use of existing OEM FOB. Install note; removing connectors from Stinger requires pushing a small tab on outside edge. Do not try and force out without pushing tab.

Works just like the video!

Bought this for our 2021 Forte GT and installed in about 15-20 minutes using the video on the site for guidance. So far it seems to work great!

Excellent product

Easy to use simple plug n play

Works well... nice integration!

The starter works well and I like the integration into the factory key fob. For the money... it is a great product! I do have two complaints: First: The lack of installation instructions, although the installation is pretty straight forward once you figure it out... the video is helpful, but could be better. Second: I did reach out to the company with a request for installation instructions/manual with no response received. Even with the negatives, I'm happy with the product.