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2012 kia optima sxt

Came in good time, easy to fix if you follow instructions but took a bit getting around the bracket especially after connecting the module but in all, this product is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AND RECOMMENDED

Excellent Remote Engine Starter for the 2020 Kia Stinger GT2

The MyKey Premium Remote Engine Start is amazing! The remote start, turbo timer, and proximity lock/unlock are all very useful, convenient, and cool features, and the product works wonderfully as promised on my 2020 Kia Stinger GT2. It was also very easy to install the plug-and-play module. Customer support is extremely helpful and responsive for any installation/setup questions that might arise. I would definitely recommend this product to any Stinger owners, or any other owners as well. I am very pleased with my purchase. 

Would totally buy again.

This was a big issue to install as there is a shield to keep you from easily accessing the connectors (In Canada) but managed to get it installed last week and LOVE it and works as advertised and LOVE having just the factory remote instead of having another remote. Once I was able to bend the shield enough to access the connectors with the help of another person ( Really didn't want to cut is is I could avoid it) it was easy and quick. Would totally buy again. I sent a photo to post which they did do show others in Canada what I had to deal with which they posted in the photos for the Kona. there are 2 Screws on the Bracket which keeps it in place 1 up high behind the Glovebox which you have to lower to access and the other 1 below that allows it to drop down so you can access it easier so you can bend it back to avoid cutting the sheild.

2013 Sonata

Absolutely amazing! No wires to cut and splice, and 25 minutes , at most, to complete the entire install! Also love the autolock and auto system arm if i forget to do it on my own!! I wish i would have known about this sooner.

Works kinda

This was put into a 2020 kia forte gt. Remote start works but the auto unlock lock feature works but made it where I couldn't use my smart trunk or the button on the door. Probably something I did. So far still happy with purchase.


Thanks to Natalia for the instructions to put it in her on the dip switches. Works great! refered my friend to get one. For his car 2020 civic.

Great future add to a car

It’s must have option on modern cars.
The remote start is very useful and other futures are very useful like a turbo timer ,auto lock , etc.


Plug & play. Easiest remote starter I've ever installed..

Easy installation. Very satisfied.

I installed this in my 2021 Forte GT. Easy installation. It took longer to remove the glove box and trim than to hook up the unit. 30 minutes total. The only difference from the video is there are three bolts instead of two holding the control box. Might be because the video has an Australian model, not a US model. Very satisfied with it so far.

Very Happy I Found This!

I have a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport with push button start. Apparently Hyundai never made a remote start for this model and I couldn't even find an aftermarket remote start without it being so complicated to install. Well along comes MyKeyPremium and when they say "Plug & Play" it really is. It took me less than 10 minutes to install after I found the remote module under my dash. It was not in the area on the video. On my model it's under the driver side but easy to get to. Thanks MyKeyPremium for making this so easy.


I just purchased this remote start for my 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited, and I'm sorry I didn't buy one sooner because it's amazing. There's nothing nicer than going out to an already-warm car in the wintertime, and I can't wait to have the A/C cranking in the summertime. Installation is pretty simple; if you watch the install video beforehand, it only takes about 20 minutes. For my model Sonata (and with my bigger hands/arms) I had to remove the panel under the steering wheel and then move another wire off of a bracket to reach the back of the starter button, but the rest of the install went as smooth as the video shows. Thank you for an amazing "plug and play" module!

Perfect Match

The remote start was very easy to install especially with the assistance of the video.I was very happy with the results and I would definitely recommend this product for everyone who has a Genesis sedan, and would like remote start with out paying to have it activated for monthly dealerships fees

Love it !

Car didn’t come with remote starter and the dealer wanted $500 for the unit plus $200 to install it. Did it myself in 30 minutes!

Easy to install on a 2018 Elantra and works exactly as shown in the video. There isn't any room behind the panel to hide the module though, I zip-tied it up in the back of the footwell.

More than my expectation.

1. Easy and simple installation. No loose wires or cutting any wires. It is well made.
2. No need for extra key.and No code error or any warning after installation
3. The one I didn’t expected, it locks its self when u move a way from the car. It was not like that before which sometimes I forgot to lock it.
4. During winter u can’t turn it on and leave your car until it warms b/c car does not lock if engine is on. after I installed it, I can star engine from my house and car still locked 😀

Works Great

2016 Elantra module is a pain to remove, however once connect unit works great.

2013 Optima

Fast shipping, works great!!

Great Purchase

After I bought my 2021 Forte GT, I knew that I was going to need to get remote start.

When I found the MyKeyPremium, at first I was not sure about it. I found one install video on YouTube, other than it being a RHD after watching it, I saw how easy it would be.

I just finished the installation, other than needing smaller hands for a few spots lol, it was simple to do.

I would highly recommend this, hands down for me, money well spend. Taking my Forte to a shop would be at least $500 for install.

THANK YOU MyKeyPremium!


This remote start system is amazing! It is truly plug and play. I ordered it for my wife's 2019 Kona and installation was as described in the videos but I did have some concerns.
1) I installed it based on the videos I watched but the video doesn't show you how to place the box and wires in the car. You really need to get creative to mount this system.
2) There is no instructions with the package. You basically need to figure everything out from the video on Youtube. Not an issue really, but what is the coiled up wire for? Is that a Bluetooth Antenna? If so, is there an App to use it with?
3) Thirdly, remote start on the Kona results in the parking lights flashing every couple of seconds. I thought this was a malfunction but apparently all |Hyundai's do this in remote start. Would have been nice to know.
4) Canadian Konas have a bracket in front of the connectors. I tried everything to remove them. The tamper proof bolts defeated me but the only way I succeeded was to bend the bracket 90 degrees with one of those panel remover tools. I was then able to remove the connectors.

Other than those cons, this is an amazing product. Would order again in a heartbeat! I should also mention shipping was 4 days from the US to Canada. Impressive!

Very easy to install

Very clear and well made video on how to install the product. It has been very convenient, especially during the winter. I love the unlock feature when i walk up to my car its helps when im carrying stuff to my car and i dont have to scramble to get my keys out.

works great

has been working great after a harness connection problem which they emailed me thru. Waiting for mobile app operation MyKey BT


The only plug & play option I could find for my '12 Optima SX and it did not disappoint! Super easy to install and had it working in under 30 minutes. Love being able to go out to a warm car! Highly recommend to anyone!!

No more $200 a year to hyundai

This item works great easy install best part no more $200 a year to blue link just to start my car in the winter

Easy install

Was easy to install and preformed exactly how I wanted it to. Would definitely recommend.