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Still doesn’t work

still doesn’t work.


Great product works perfectly

Great Key Fob Remote Starter

Great remote starter. It’s what Hyundai/Genesis should’ve included with these cars out of the factory. My only gripe with this system is the timing/interval of the two presses on the Lock button to get the car to start. Maybe I haven’t quite learned the timing of the presses as sometimes I walk outside and the car is not running. I’m guessing that’ll come with time.


i love it...very convenient. one minor issue is that it takes about 10 seconds to start the car up but no big deal everything works great easy 5 minute install

MyKey Premium

Had doubts about how well it would function over a year ago before deployment. Decided to pull the trigger and ended up purchasing one about two weeks ago while traveling and got home to install in under 10minutes.
Plug and play took less than 5minutes inside of my garage. No tools were needed to install, must I remind you.
Most difficult part was figuring out where I could place the box and wiring for better wire management and clean look still.
110% satisfied with the purchase and 4thumbs up

Hyundai Tucson 2021 Remote Start

Had an issue with the module I got. The dip switches are all down (off). But they responded very fast through email with the issue and gave me instructions on which switch should turn on (up) and off (down). After that it was all working perfectly good. Highly recommeded rather than going to your dealership. I just saved around $300 by doing it myself and buying this instead. Awesome customer service as well. I am very satisfied and happy. For reference on the right switch please see images.

Kia Stinger Remote Starter
Terry Roy Bellamy
Amazing Product

Hi, I live in Qld Australia, I ordered the remote start for my 2020 Kia Stinger. It only took 9 days for delivery from USA. That is incredibly fast shipping. The plug and play installation was very simple and every things works exactly as described and shown in "You tube" videos . I highly recommend this product .

Plug N Play!!

The remote starter kit is very simple to install. I had to connect customer service acouple of times and got a response latest the next day. This kit was well worth the money

Quick Shipping and Easy Installation

Purchased from NSW Australia for my 2018 GT

Was surprised how quickly the product was delivered to my door.

5 minute install if that and it worked first go!

2019 1.6T Hyundai Kona remote start

Best hyundai kona investment and addition to my SUV :). As easy to install as it shows on the YouTube video. Installed in less than 20 minutes. Works as described definitely went above and beyond my expectations.
I love the fact you get to use your original key fob and mykeypremium team is there to help if you have troubleshoot.
Note: the australia Hyundai kona remote start key module is under the driver side, hiding above the accelerator padel :)

Kia Optima Remote Starter
Stephen Mogensen
Easy Setup

Other then user error, was easy to install and get working.

Kia Optima Remote Starter
Alberto Fernandez

Kia Optima Remote Starter

Lifesaver in the Houston heat

I love my Stinger, but something I never understood is why the halo car of Kia didn't come with remote start on the GT1, but my Optima SX-Turbo did...and that car was $35k LESS! I saw this "mod", if you will, on TWN 2RBO's YouTube and saw how easy the install was. Ordered one myself and installed it in less than 5 minutes with zero effort. Reliable, doesn't drain my battery, and absolutely LOVE the turbo-timer feature after driving hard.


This remote start is absolutely the best purchase for my genesis I use it every day and never have any problems with it. And it’s super easy to install.

Best stinger investment

Great product, easy to install!The two hardest parts were spending the money and tucking in the device and wires, but it all fits. I highly recommend.

Kia stinger remote start

Is there anyway to disable the auto lock feature while the car is not running this is the only complaint my wife has to the point she wants to remove it.

Plug-N-play is legit!

Hardest part was getting the panel back on that comes off!

Great product

I love this item it works great.

Kia Forte Remote Starter
Alexander Nunez
Must buy!

Awesome remote start! Fairly easy to install as long as you follow their YouTube tutorial. It’s also plug and play so even better. One thing I did notice was that the tpms doesn’t turn on but once you press the brake it’s all good. Very reasonable price compared to the dealership price. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone!

The BEST addition to my SUV !!!

As easy to install as it shows on the YouTube video. Installed in less than 20 minutes. Works as described definitely went above and beyond my expectations. Love it!!!

Very easy to install

I love the fact you get to use your original key fob I had one before where they included some ugly lookin key to start it but this one is amazing and very easy to install

Works great

Awesome product,
Need more information about about pit switches, no info about that almost was ready to ship it back, but was able to figure it out

Great product

Easy to install! Works great.

So easy to install

I luv how easy it was to install. I've installed other remote starts, and this by far was the best, and simplest. Not just the installation. But the smart technology of this device. The minute I walked to my car doors, it unlocks, and when I walk away, it locks. A feature my car did not originally offer. I liked it so much. I ordered another one for my fiancee's car and installed it just as easily. Thank you, MyKeyPremium...

Bye bye 3G Connected Care yearly fees

Well with connected care ending with the loss of 3G cellular service Dec 2022, I needed to find an Autostart option. This was a great decision, plug and play made it so simple to install. Had it done in under 30 Minutes. I did remove the other panel under drivers side for easier access to module and easier clean up of harnesses YouTube video placeholder