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Great product

Plug and play just like it says, is a bit harder if you have a Canadian VIN, since they have anti theft plates on top, but still managed it to work! Would recommend to anyone!

Great works

I really amused, installation almost easy

Kia Optima Remote Starter
Joshua Morrison
Super simple and works great!

Took 20 minutes to install.... hardest part was getting the wires back in on passenger side... small space... but once everything was in worked first try! Highly recommend!

BEST remote start ! SO EASY.

I purchased this remote start with medium to mild expectations but honestly I never bother to write reviews and I was not disappointed with this purchase. Took me all of 5 minutes to install. It’s nice that I don’t need an extra key for it, I can just use my regular keys and I’m amazed at how fast the shipment / delivery was. I purchased it and within 3 days it was delivered. Good range as well. I use it every morning now that I have it. I would purchase from my key premium again in a heart beat. Definitely worth the money! 10/10 purchase

Easy as it says it is

My wife says it is So easy to use. She loves that she can use the car’s original keys fob. I love that it was just plug and play. I would recommend this to anyone who wanted to install one in a very short period of time and have it work instantly. It’s well worth the money.

Remote start

Works as a great alternative to blue link. Very easy install. Added features are a bonus too. Would recommend to anyone with a Hyundai.

Great product, easy install

Only took about 15 min to install. No wires to cut/splice, just plug and play. Worked flawlessly!

Best Car Starter!!

After watching the installation videos I was skeptical on the ease of installation. So I started a stop watch on my phone. From the time I opened the box until I installed the car starter, did cord management, and tested the car ster it took 12min 35 seconds! This was so easy to install it's incredible. The starter works perfect every time. My only regret is not buying this sooner!

Its Works Awesome and $20 Lunch on Us Rebate :)

Nice product easy to install. Would of been a lot easier if I had small hands for my vehicle(2020 Santa Fe) its a tight fit to put in the 3 harnesses. I would like to let people know you get a few warning lights when you get in the car after remote starting. (This is until you step on the brake!) It does not explain in the installation video..Still happy not having to warm up my car by going into the freezing cold to get the frost off the windshield....

Great product, simple install!

This product is awesome! I originally purchased a remote start from another company for my wife’s car for Christmas. Absolutely the worst experience ever. Had to splice into and solder 5 wires. The last wire that I connected to did not work. Ended up contacting their support team only to be told to connect the wire to the wrong wire several times over several days and still could not get it to work. Completely removed their product and sent back to them with a very long not so nice letter. Ordered from My Key….installed the product in about 10 minutes and the car started the first time! No splicing and soldering wires, just plug and go! My wife is ecstatic and I am very happy that I purchased from My Key. Thank you!!
2017 Kia Optima

Love this product

Easy installation plug and play and works great! 5 out of 5 🌟


That loud noise when it started was someone opening the garage door. Apparently perfect timing. I promise it’s much quieter when starting and I didn’t notice until I read my review!

Works great

Some of the plugs are a bit hard to reach, but overall a pretty easy install. Took me about an hour

Great product

My wife loves the remote start for her car for a Christmas gift and just installed it and works great

Excellent Product

Quite possibly the best purchase and install I’ve ever done. Took literally five minutes in my 2015 Hyundai sonata to hook it up and get it working. Fantastic!!


Easy to install and working 10/10

Kia Optima Remote Starter
Armenak Yayloyan
Works awesome

Very easy to install. Just luck of an instruction on how to use it.
You should unlock the car before starting the car using lock key twice, because when the car is locked. Turning on the care - alarm system detects as an intrusion and alarm is turned on.

So unlock the care double click lock button, the car will start and lock the car itself.

Big thanks from France

Very reactiv staff, 2 days only after my order I’ve received the package to France ! Easy to install, work perfectly as expected.
Free shipping, (~35€ Duty taxes UPS)

Great Alternative

2020 Santa fe ,Installing was easy. Just like they described plug and play. Took about 20 minutes to install, although I took longer so I could route the wiring underneath to how I wanted it and keep it hidden. This was a great alternative instead of paying for a yearly subscription to blue link and there is no extra key fobs needed.

To Wink or Blink

To whom it may concern, I really like the features of the Mykeypremium module. It was great to figure out what the problem was in the beginning with the OUTSTANDING help from Ms Natalie. She's BRILLIANT & deserves a RAISE!!!
Currently, I am experiencing a problem with the module. The vehicle Intermittently blinks the Hazard Lights & Activates the door locks. I have replaced the batteries in the key fobs. I have disconnected the module completely, plugged the factory connectors back in. Afterward, the blinking of Hazard Lights & Activation of door locks STOP. Then upon reconnecting the module as described in the owners manual, the blinking of lights & activation of door locks persist AGAIN. I need help to figure out how to fix this or send replacement. I paid alot for this and can't imagine every few months I have to unplug & re-attach for it to work properly. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Very Respectfully, James

Excellent Product!

Have had the product installed for almost 2 weeks and it works perfectly! Only took me about 15-20 minutes to install. Simple Plug and play! The proximity sensor works great to unlock/lock the doors automatically as you walk up to/away from the car. I also really like that you can turn the car off as well with the key fob. I must say if you are considering this product for remote start, look no further. This is the one!!

Sonata 2015 sport 2.0T Push Start

Enjoying it! I would say it's a hassle to install this on canadian models as there is a bracket that covers the wire. So need to get this done through a handyman. Otherwise it is so good to have a remote start. Would definately recommend if you're looking for something cheaper and reliable remote starter.

Blown away!

Outstanding product & super easy to install. With as complicated as vehicles are nowadays I figured there'd be some disaster but everything works as intended. Bought for my wife's 2019 Kia Sportage for her birthday, just in time for winter!

Best Remote Start EVER!! GET IT!!!!

I am so so happy that I ran across MyKey! I just got a new car & was adamant about getting my remote start in time for the winter months! After years of getting professional installs & spending loads of money, it was a ridiculously painless install! I'm so glad they're in the business of making things easier for us consumers when it comes to mods. Even the customer service is top notch!! Keep doing what your doing!! 🙌🏾 YouTube video placeholder
Works great!!!

Hooking it up is simple and easy, just unplugging and plugging back in. Only hard part is the location on my 2020 that is REALLY tight to fit my hand in. All together it took under 10 minutes to complete with only a couple swear words because of the tight space. Couldn’t be happier with it so far. Love the auto lock and unlock feature also.