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Awesome product !

Awesome product ! & Super easy installation & setup. Works as advertised & awesome extra features ! I especially like the missing key fob entry w/pin feature ! I recommend this to EVERYONE with any compatible Kia/Hyundai or Genesis model !!! YouTube video placeholder
Amazing features

Super easy to install, superior operation.
It solved my issue when the car is parked under direct sunlight in hot summer days now I start the car earlier the AC starts then when I reach the car it is pleasant.
I also loved the option to lock/ unlock the car when I approach/ leave the car.
Thank you. YouTube video placeholder
Hyundai Tucson Remote Starter
Cosmin Pintilieasa
Hyundai Tucson 2019

Hi everyone. I'm leaving a review after purchasing the remote starter for my car, Tucson 2019. I really did not expect to receive it in less than a week from USA to Europe. The communication with the staff was great, the price was acceptable considering that other choices will double the price in my country. Another advantage of this system is being plug &play, in about 5 minutes I installed and tested the device succesfully. As a bonus, once you leave the car, it will lock by itself without pressing any buttons. Also, after a long period driving, you have the option to leave the motor running for 90 seconds in order to protect the turbine, after this period, the motor will shutdown by itself, great feature.
Last but not least, the Mykey premium team informed me that they are developing an application for the device! What can be nicer than starting your car from your phone?
In conclusion, I strongly recommend everyone to purchase these devices in order to have a cold atmosphere during summer and a warm one in the winter.
I also want to congratulate My key premium team for their good work, and I encourage them to hurry up with the application, I am very curious😁


Worked perfectly as advertised. Took about 15 minutes to install.

Kia stinger 3.3 bj 2017

Hello. I come from Germany and I dared to buy this control unit and I am very satisfied with it. Everything is working fine. could just be a little cheaper. Greetings Marco

A++++ plug and play love it

Great for the winter!!!

Kia Forte Remote Starter
Andrew Angstadt
Great alternative

Great alternative to the oem remote start and in my opinion way better dont need extra fobs uses regular key fob for remote start best addon to my car so far.

Surprised how great it worked

At first I didn’t think the product was real but eventually decided to try it and it works better than I thought, I really love the passcode feature with the button on the door. I will strongly recommend this for anyone with a Hyundai or kia

It works!

This was easy to install. My husband took 30 minutes including putting everything back. We love that we can use the existing remote. Definitely recommend.

Kia Optima - gr8 add

The device is nice addition to my vehicle, I like it so much. The installation is easy, but getting back the device in its place for my car was hard because of the small space. Car keeps blinking after switch in by remote, at the beginning I didn't like, but now I used to it, it's useful to show you that car is working if it's far.

Great item

Exactly what I needed to keep my car cool during the summer . Took 20 minutes to install


The my key premium is amazing! It is so convenient and has never failed me yet. This has exceeded my expectations thus far. I would 100% recommend this to anyone that is interested in getting a remote start for their vehicle.

2020 Hyundai Tucson

Easy to install, took me just 10mins as I have seen video installs prior to purchase. Plug & play, no cutting of wires. Very satisfied. Hope this holds up. Highly recommended!

Life-changing device (Optima 17 EU PHEV)

Remote starting is cool, and dont get me wrong, it works perfectly, but the proximity unlock and lock changes everything. I always wondered why I had to press the button! The solution is not perfect, I cannot remote start if the charger is connected, the blinkers are blinking all the time while is remote started (dip switch setting doesn't work for PHEV), and you can get locked out if you left the keys inside (there is a pincode workaround) but just get it now, it will change the experience of your car. Installation also was not that easy, in my model the cabling is very tight, took me like an hour in a very relaxed pace

Genesis G70 Remote Start Kit

For 19 Genesis G70
A fantastic addition for any Genesis G70. It is incredibly beneficial to use the remote start with the existing factory remote. Instructional video is very clear. This kit is plug and play taking only 15 minutes to install. Majority of the time is just to tuck the wiring back into place under the panel. The added auto door lock and unlock is such a clutch feature, that it should have came from the factory. Thankfully it is a part of the kit. Overall, very satisfied with the kit.

A Must Have for all Hyundai/Kia delivery drivers!

Wished to found out earlier about MyKeyPremium! In Michigan is still winter as I'm posting ( April 25th, 2023), and remotely starting my car with heating on is a bless. But as a delivery driver Auto Lock/Unlock and Turbo Timer are Super Features saving me time and gas⛽️ (money) adding me peace of mind and comfort.
Very easy/fast installation if you previously watch the video tutorial! Absolutely no tools needed and using the cars original key fobs simply is best desired solution. I'm driving the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited and starting 2023 the costly Bluelink (Remote)features are not available anymore !!!
"The connected vehicle services hardware (“Hyundai Bluelink device”) in certain 2015-2019 vehicles requires a 3G cellular network. On January 1, 2023, Verizon Wireless Communications, the wireless service provider enabling the use of these Hyundai Bluelink devices, will discontinue 3G network service.

I highly recommend the cost effective solution from MyKeyPremium to all Uber, Lyft, UEats, Grubhub, Doordash and all other delivery drivers!
Peace of mind.

So easy did it in my pajamas in less than 15 minutes

I've installed other plug and plays but you still have to connect wires.. this is the bomb .
I would recommend this 200 times hands down like I said installed in my pajamas within 15 minutes and works like a charm thank you

Very satisfied

The installation was very easy and it has worked flawlessly since. Tidying up the cables was the hardest part, but it's not too bad. I'm definitely glad I bought it.

2021 Genesis G70 Remote Starter, Simple to use, be careful on Canadian Installs!

Product is great and works as described.

Product install wasn't as simple I hoped but it did list on the website a bracket needing to be cut on Canadian cars.
Here in Canada we have a large bracket covering the ports of the CanBus (assuming to stop attempted tampering or Hotwiring).

So I had to use a Dremel with a diamond cutting wheel for some time to get access, attached is the photos of the cut. And the video of the final product.

Super easy to install

This unit was so easy to install and it works awesome!!! I've read some reviews complaining about the range but we had it out to 95 yards and it started the vehicle just fine!


Il dispositivo che mancava (perlomeno nelle auto non elettriche/ibride) ora c'è, senza alcun abbonamento ed utilizzando il telecomando originale dell'auto.
Il montaggio è tutto sommato veloce (ovviamente è plug and play) una volta capito come arrivare ai connettori esatti.
Resta solo da sistemare un po' meglio e fissare la centralina.
Peccato non poter modificare il tempo di accensione, all'occorrenza, di qualche minuto.

Great product

East to install. Works as stated

Hyundai Tucson Remote Starter
Charles Charlebois
Perfect device. Better option than blue link.

I installed this in cold and snowy weather in 10 minutes. Half of that time was spent looking for a flashlight. The features beyond the auto start, like the automatic, locking and unlocking with the proximity feature, surprised me. This really is an outstanding device, and I recommend it is highly as I can recommend anything. I’ll be getting one for my wife’s Kia forte next.

Stop reading reviews and order it already

The installation process was very quick and was able to do it and only a few minutes with removing parts and putting back together. Everything was pushed tabs and not one single screw. Everything included was plug and play and is working phenomenally. Definitely order it and you will not be disappointed.

2016 Hyundai Sonata Sport

Remote starter was very easy to install and works like a charm. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a quality remote starter without having to pay a professional to install it.