Product Information

Product information: 

Is the remote start kit compatible with all Hyundai Genesis and Kia models?

  • Our remote start kit is specifically designed for Hyundai Genesis and Kia models. Please refer to the compatibility list on our website or product documentation to ensure compatibility with your specific vehicle.

Can I install the remote start kit myself, or do I need professional installation?

  • Our remote start kit is designed to be 100% plug and play, meaning you can install it yourself using the provided installation guides. However, if you are not comfortable with automotive wiring or prefer professional installation, we recommend seeking assistance from a certified technician.

Does the remote start kit interfere with my vehicle's warranty?

  • Our remote start kit is designed to integrate seamlessly with your vehicle's existing electrical system. It should not void your vehicle's warranty. However, we always recommend consulting your vehicle manufacturer or dealership to confirm their warranty policies regarding aftermarket installations.

How far can I start my vehicle using the remote start system?

  • The remote start system's range is determined by the same distance it takes to lock/unlock your car using the original key fob. However, obstacles like buildings or walls can affect the range. For best results, it is recommended to be within a reasonable range and have a clear line of sight to your vehicle when starting it remotely.

Will the remote start kit affect the security of my vehicle?

  • Our remote start kit is designed to work with your vehicle's original key fob, maintaining its security features. When you remote start your vehicle, it remains locked, and the engine will shut off if any door is opened without unlocking it using the key fob.

Can I program additional key fobs to work with the remote start system?

  • Yes, you can! Our remote start kit is designed to work with your vehicle's original key fob. If your key fob is already synchronized with your vehicle, it will automatically sync with our remote start system. No additional programming is required. Simply use your existing key fob to control the remote start features seamlessly.

Can you use the remote start kit with a vehicle that already has a factory-installed remote start system?

  • Absolutely! Our remote start kit is designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle's existing factory-installed remote start system. It can either replace the current system or add additional functionality to enhance your remote start experience.