Kia Sportage Remote Starter
My Key Premium Remote Starter kit
My Key Premium Remote Starter
Kia Sportage 2014 Remote Starter
Kia Sportage 2018-2020 Remote Starter
Kia Sportage 2014-2015 Remote Starter
Kia Sportage Remote Starter
My Key Premium Remote Starter kit
My Key Premium Remote Starter
Kia Sportage 2014 Remote Starter
Kia Sportage 2018-2020 Remote Starter
Kia Sportage 2014-2015 Remote Starter

Kia Sportage Remote Starter

MyKey Premium Remote Starter
What is Mykey Premium? +
  • Simple Kia Sportage REMOTE STARTER by Genuine Key Fob (2x lock)
  • Organically clean system (Made by Korean Engineers)

Kia Sportage Key Fob Remote STart

Kia Sportage Remote Start installation


  • If you did not find your model: we are in process to make it / instead we provide PDF version and Support for all our customers

Our module operates through factory frequency and never harms to your electric system. By using genuine settings our module reads all signals related to your KeyFob and CanBus system.

*works only with vehicles equipped with start/stop push button system.

Technical reason: Module reads frequencies directly from button settings.


* Nowhere else, but in some Canadian vehicles that have this metal bracket which blocking CanBus transmitter.

Some customers just simply cut the bracket, but we never ask our customer to do so, only if they feel comfortable doing it.

From us: We are guarantee our product is Organically Clean and never harms your electric system.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Luigi Rettura
Ehh its ok

It doesn't work most times.. the lock unlock feature also does work correctly.. I a bit annoyed

Alexandru Constantin
Worth the price, plug and play, installed in 15 minutes, can't live without it!

I installed the MyKeyPremium module in under 15 minutes without removing anything just by going under my dashboard with a headlamp and 2 zip ties. The car's connectors are put in such way that after connecting the module the wires will point down towards the acceleration pedal, but I made room for them on the sides and pushed them upwards, then zip-tied the module to a metal part so it doesn't dangle. The result still amazes me to this day. I push the Lock button on my keyfob 2 times at 1-2 seconds interval, the car beeps once, the hazard lights light up like 3-4 times, then the engine starts. I was actually curious how this is achieved without pressing the brake pedal, but I guess that's just a safety feature when there's a human involved while starting the car. Also the car will lock and unlock itself by approaching or going away from the vehicle, it's a feature that my boss has in his 80k car. It's so easy to start the car now, without going outside in snow, rain, or just freezing cold. The only downside comes from Kia because they didn't make seat heating an option to stay on or be remembered after turning off the car and then turning it back on. And leg heating or other sides don't work at the same time with the windshield or rear windshield. But it's enough to get the car started for the road, defreeze the windshield, and make it warm. I couldn't live without it now. I would also like to see a manual and check what other options can be enabled from switching the small buttons on the module. Maybe automatic window closing from the keyfob and other options that are missing from the sportage? After being presented options from other companies like Viper which require to cut wires from your dashboard, I still can't believe something so easy as plug and play was available from this company. Thanks MyKeyPremium!

Michael Moss
Good Remote Start

It was easy to install, although the video shows the blue wire unplugged, I had to have it plugged in to work. Start is a little inconsistent, I find I have to press the lock button three times, and the rhythm of the press makes a difference. Overall, very happy with this purchase.

William Winters
2019 kia remote start

The price is a little on the high end, that said your paying for a product that is made for your specific make and model. You use your OEM key fob, and talk about easy installation. It was about 32° outside when I installed this in my daughters car. Unplug 3 plugs make sure they snap into the supplied wiring( YOU WILL HEAR A SNAP)which u can't get wrong then plug the other ends of the wiring back into the original 3 plugs into the car, again listen for them to snap in place. After this u have 2 more plugs that snap into the remote unit. Tap your lock button twice and 4 or 5 seconds later the car starts. Not sure how or why but while testing the starter, the car didn't start the first few times. I knew I installed everything correctly but the door was open. So when testing to make sure everything is set up right close your doors before trying to start the car. Anyway great product if you want a remote start for your car and they make the starter for your car buy it you won't regret the purchase.

Karl Schleitwiler

I’m a mechanic by trade and this product is by far the easiest remote start to install and use. Customer support is great and the quality is superb. It literally took me 10 minutes to install. This was a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. We live in the Midwest and it gets cold. She’s very happy with her warm car in the morning and I’m glad it didn’t take me a day to install and the headache of removing the dash. Also the feature that unlocks the doors when you approach the car is very convenient when your hands are full. I highly recommend.