Hyundai KONA Venue Remote Start - MyKeyPremium
My Key Premium Remote Starter kit
Hyundai KONA Remote Start MyKeyPremium
Hyundai Venue Remote Start - MyKeyPremium
Hyundai KONA
Hyundai KONA | Venue Remote Start - MyKeyPremium
Hyundai KONA Venue Remote Start - MyKeyPremium
My Key Premium Remote Starter kit
Hyundai KONA Remote Start MyKeyPremium
Hyundai Venue Remote Start - MyKeyPremium
Hyundai KONA
Hyundai KONA | Venue Remote Start - MyKeyPremium

Hyundai KONA Venue Remote Start

MyKey Premium Remote Starter
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  • Simple Hyundai KONA Venue Remote Start by OEM Key Fob (2x lock) 
  • Organically clean system (Made by Korean Engineers)

Hyundai Kona Key Fob Remote Start

Hyundai Kona Remote Start Installation


Our module operates through factory frequency and never harms to your electric system. By using genuine settings our module read all signals related to your KeyFob and CanBus system.

Our System works only with vehicles equipped with start/stop push button system.

Technical reason: Since our module use frequencies directly from button settings.


* Nowhere else, but in some Canadian vehicles that have this metal bracket which blocking CanBus transmitter.

Some customers just simply cut the bracket, but we never ask our customer to do so, only if they feel comfortable doing it.

From us: We are guarantee our product is Organically clean and never harms your electric system.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jon H
Outstanding alternative to splice installed.

5 day review huh. Ok so far so good, installed easily with no programing needed. Will start from factory remote and auto lock if key proximity is lost. This can be deactivated but still works with key proximity door/trunk access. This module can be removed if needed and reinstalled which is nice in case of a failure or dealer visit. I've had my share of DEI remote start installs and this was simple to do. The only real issue is the lack of distance of the low powered oe fob, but that is the trade for a clean install with single remote. 4 star for that reason. I'm pleased with this for the up coming winter.

Kristen Kahler
Fantastic, Clean System -- Works Awesome 2021 Kona SEL

I bought the Kona as a daily driver as gas prices are soaring but since I have a Yukon Denali at home we didn't need all the bells and whistles. Because of this, we bought the SEL instead of any of the higher trim models but my biggest worry was not having remote start as we have two younger kids and live in a four season state.

Before buying my Kona, I researched and found to get the remote start I wanted we could do an aftermarket system (with yuck non-factory key fobs) or for around $300 try MyKey Premium which is what we ultimately rolled the dice on.

I'm obsessed. Installation was a 5 minute YouTube video and 5 minutes upside down in my passenger wheel well snapping cable harnesses together (i would suggest using a head lamp if you have it available!). Worked perfectly the first time and continues to be a great product. Also love the auto lock/unlock feature as someone who continually forgets to lock my car up at night. All of the wires, harness, and starter box tucked neatly into the other systems already installed in the passenger wheel well so it's virtually invisible sitting in the passenger seat.

This little $300 box saved us going up a trim level (almost $4,000) just to get BlueLink/remote start features. Love it!

Cannot recommend this product enough

Michael Rolston
Easy install, works perfectly in 2018 Kona

Very easy to install, virtual plug and play, the hardest part was hiding the small box under the dash.

Joshua Hults
Wish I had this earlier

This keyless remote start is ridiculously easy to install and use. Operating distance is good, works from inside the office to parking lot without issue. The auto door lock feature is really convenient since I forget to lock my doors all the time. It works just as advertised. If you are wondering if this remote starter is right for you, it is!!

Eddie Quetell
Best Investment

Best investment I ever made as an add on feature for my Hyundai Kona. The device was very simple to install and and the trouble shooting guide was easy to follow up after their install video missed a minor detail. All in all, I now have the option of using either my iPhone’s Bluelink app which takes a bit of time to send a signal to my vehicle to remote start or the convenience of using my key fob with just two simple clicks of the lock button and the car starts immediately. The use of the factory key fob was a big sale for me as I am not too comfortable walking around with two remotes in my pants pockets, especially when not using a jacket.
The only two upgrades I would like to have seen offered this kit is a shock sensor and a proximity sensor unlock feature device for those cold days when you just want to get in and not having to look for the key fob or de-ice the door handle button to get in.